samedi, mai 12, 2007

"Sortie de ce court" at bar le Syndrome, Saturday May 26th

Saturday May 26th at 7:30 PM, “Sortie de ce court”, the ninth event from the dynamic promotion and production company Gros Méchants Films, will take place at bar le Syndrome, located at 5777 boulevard St-Laurent. The evening will serve you its usual delicious selection of short movies and musical performances by the metal group Casual Delirium and the duo Le Skieur Fluo, with its “abstract and confused” humour. This event will also be the unveiling of the first anti-contest, with the theme the trailer of the movie you dream of making.

The last edition of "Sortie de ce court" took place at the Lion D'Or, last March 17th, with a crowd of more than 200 spectators. "Sortie de ce court" are evenings where independent short films merge with musical performance, to create a convivial atmosphere where collaborations and meaningful exchange can occur. Devoid of competition, but overflowing with pleasure, these events give filmmakers a place to show their original work to a live audience and to interact with its spectators. .

May 26th's "Sortie de ce court" will also be the presentation of the results from the first anti-contest, allowing participants to show the trailer of the movie they dream of shooting. The anti-contests differ from contests by the nature of its prizes, which are the accomplishment of an interesting challenge and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Gros Méchants Films is the driving force behind "Sortie de ce court". This promotion and production company organizes events that promote filmmaking in the greater region of Montreal. "Sortie de ce court" is its first giant step towards world domination.

A bilingual fanzine produced by Gros Méchants Films will be available in the week of the 21st of May at the Atomic Café, 606 Ontario East, corner Joliette, and at the Marché Clandestin, 325 Ontario East.

Pins and t-shirts will be on sale to satisfy the screaming fans and help finance this ambitious project.

Date and time: May 26th at 7:30PM
Location: Bar le Syndrome, 5777 boulevard St-Laurent, corner Bernard
Price: 6$